iLines is referred not to every project like the other, we are the owners love the idea of non-repetition and look to what is new and useful to humans.

We want to create an environment that give rise to emotions of sympathy in the world of people using the space .We enjoy nature and want to give the same possibility for future generations as well we have important features distinguish our architecture works as follows:

Fits into its surroundings.

Durable, flexible. High quality, as well as finishing.

Provide expertise on the move, designed for people. Innovative use of natural materials.

Use of light to create space and atmosphere.

Our projects have a green focus to include interior and exterior design, custom designed fixtures and furnishings. We also can provide branding, web sites, print, graphics, logos & signage, way finding systems and merchandising concepts. As always, we focus on the customer's needs, the project goals and the context, tying all of these together through a customized and exciting user experience.


Ilines was established in 2007 by architect Ibrahim Jawharji, with a different vision about the future of architecture and a passion for the future planning, team participated in the design of many projects and different sizes of the communities public and private companies and private clients, and offers of Urban Planning and Services Design Master of the drawing until the construction phase. With over mine years ,our office is within the engineering bodies, of combined experience at the ownership level.

ilines represents a broad range of professional experience at all levels of design and construction. With experience locally, nationally and internationally, the firm has a solid understanding of the process of working in different cultural contexts and adjusting to local conditions in the construction industry as well as the contract procurement process. ilines address each commission in a creative way, which is about problem solving and establishing an opportunity for an accomplished product that will have a lasting value to their clients and users.

They have experience in a range of building types; public, private and commercial, large and small. With strong skills in communication, ilines understand the process of design and construction as collaboration with the client and consultants in order to pursue a common goal.



Urban planning

Renovation and restoration

Interior design

Product design

Exhibition design

Education and Consulting


We Certified in


We are licensed to operate in the list of engineering offices in Jeddah Municipality and the Municipality of the Holy City Makkah


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