iLines add plan to Build Makkah tower in record time

We have in (iLines) building a hotel project in Makkah at the time of record so far ... Not everybody is different on how long Ihottagha build a hotel consisting of 27 floor area of 825 meters of floor surfaces ... We are in our praise of God We were able to build the foundations and floors and receiver positions and the mezzanine floor of 27 days only ، Are you a hurry ... We also

Construction work completed in the Makkah Tower

The works were completed in the construction makkah Tower in 128 days for construction

Organizer Makkah colors

Lines establish any architectural, non-profit organization, on behalf of colors Mecca interested in making an architectural environment of the human population of the city of Mecca and contribute to improving the homes of the poor in Mecca, and this accession of trade names distinct from the merchants of Mecca and a group of architects and businessmen.

General Director nominated for the senior Arab Architects award

By Aldaudp submitted by the Arab Organization for Development and Housing Arab, was nominated General Manager of any Lines, Saudi Arabia, Ibrahim Nawaf Jawharji Award for best architect Arabic, should be submitted files and from which the search is ongoing for the better, is worth mentioning that this award is of great importance in The Arab world and has a wide popularity in the Middle East, the region and oversees the preparation of several ministries and a

W Tower

Soon ... Disclosure of the design (The White) tower and white is a tower Ptsamhimim architect unique and captivating has the characteristics of Mmmarih unique is used for the first time in the Kingdom and the Middle East and the world as well, accounting for design with simplicity as one of the major parts and is characterized by ease and freedom of dealing with the movement of light and shadows and is characterized by his use of only one color, as well as to choose between using many techniques revolutionary and distinctive architecture in the world, White is designed to be a sign of ground Coming.

Idea and then design, then visualize, then in effect, then the accuracy of the final result

Nothing is impossible, all the works are one innovation is the most important, we are in the uniform of Annez look forward to achieve your dreams for any vacuum architect we can do design with ease and without any trouble, we can implement it, all you need is it awareness of what you want and let all that remains our team specializes in such matters. Architecture art and cleverness

240 days to finish work in Makkah Tower project

It is a great challenge for us ... Always concerned about some of the problems with late delivery of their projects and others think that the building needs a year or two, but in the fact that the building needs to plan and commitment to quality and specification, there is nothing to prevent the end of the project component of 30 floors in 130 days all he needs only the investor or owner is to increase confidence and proper planning by the engineering project management, and most of all the above is reconciled ... This and why we do not now Ntrrd to comply with any new challenges imposed on us by the delivery pressure of the project

iLines signed a contract to study and design of the hotel project he came up real estate company

Signed a General Manager with iLines Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ahmed Almzru Squiz, and design studies contract for the building project management and hotel in Makkah, the area of ​​6000 m and total sizes exceed eighty thousand square meters, contains many of the spatial options. Also revealed the general manager of iLines and Head of the project design, that the ideas game drives in the design of the blocks of the project will be reconciled in an innovative way to make the new design a sightseeing the next, and by following the pattern (High Tech), which is considered one of the most important architectural styles game drives in the design of buildings, the new world, as well as to strengthen the perception about sustainable environmental preservation along the lines of architecture.

Everything you wish for, with bunches of any iLines to deliver the key

Design, implementation and project management ... And peace of mind, all the steps required by your project

iLines to end the initial set of ideas for the Qaryih Al-Joharyeh

Terminated the work of architectural design and urban planning for the first phase of the project village core housing, and as reported by the Chairman of iLines Ibrahim Nawaf for the emergence of ideas will be through the adoption of the final design of the layout of urban project and pointed head design that the goal the first of the project is to create a luxury residential epidemics and full of social communication between neighboring residents and contribute to urban renaissance thought, I have sections of society in Makkah, is worth mentioning that the project contains 96 villas housing designed to accommodate families of 5-8 members and is expected to launch in the months the next

Licensed to operate by the LEED Green Building Rating

Our company is certified in all disciplines rare architectural, we have made ​​in the arbitration engineering and Licensed in Engineering Project Management and Certified Green Building Rating

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